Devon Caravan Club Campsite - Ideal for Exploring South Hams, Dartmoor and the South Coast - Open all Year

Windy Ridge Farm

The bungalow was build in 1984. Since then Windy Ridge has evolved in a working beef and sheep farm of 120 acres with two big modern barns and several smaller older barn. Beside the suckler herd which calves in July/August, we buy 7 days old calves from local farms which we rear through to slaughter or sell them as store cattle. Part of the land is used to grow in rotation with pasture a whole crop of peas/clover and barley/grass which is used as a supplement fodder for the animals. All the animals are fed on natural produce, mostly grass with some dry supplement. We also have sheep and sell both, beef and lamb in freezer packs (when available). There are about 15 chickens, who produce our own eggs and a small vegetable plot. At times the surplus of eggs and vegetables are sold to visitors of the campsite. When you are staying on the campsite, you are most welcome to help us feed the calves and ask any questions about the farm.